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Farman of H.E.H. Nizam Vll, date 26th April 1917.
"I am pleased to express my approval of the views set forth in the Ardashi (petition) and the memorandum submitted there-with, regarding the establishment of a University for the State, in which the Knowledge and culture of Ancient and Modern times may be blended so harmoniously as to remove the defects created by the present system of education and full advantage may be taken of all that is the best in Ancient and Modern Systems of physical, intellectual, and spiritual culture. In knowledge, it should aim at the moral training of the students and give an impetus to research in all scientific subjects. The Fundamental principle in the working of the University should be that Urdu should form the medium of instruction in higher education but knowledge of English as a language should at the same time be deemed compulsory for all students. With this objective in view, I am pleased to order that steps be taken for the establishment on the lines laid down in the Arzdaht (petition) of a University for the Dominions to be called Osmania University of Hyderabad in commemoration of my accession to the throne".