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Department Profile

The Department was established in 1949 with Prof.Vamshidhar Vidylankar as its first Head. He was a profound scholar of Hindi and Sanskrit.
University College for Women, Koti, P.G.College, Secunderabad, offer M.A. in Hindi. Hindi is also offered as a second language and as an optional subject in undergraduate courses. The department has awarded 356 Ph.D. and 190 M.Phil. Degrees so far.
Every year the Department awards four gold medals to meritorious students: Gold Medal for non-Hindi speaking students; Vinayak Rao Vidyalankar Gold Medal; Uttar Pradesh Government's Golden Jubilee Gold Medal; Bansi Raja Gold Medal.
Prof.Ram Niranjan Pandey, Dr.Raj Kishore Pandey, Prof.Ram Kumar Kandelwal, Prof.Gyan Asthana, Prof.Bhimsen Nirmal, Prof.Lalith Kumar Parikh, Prof.Vasanth Rao Chakravarthi, Prof.T.Mohan Singh, Prof.B.Satyanarayana and Prof.Leela Jyothi, Prof.M.Venkateshwar, Prof.K.L.Vyas, Prof.P.Manikyamba, Prof.Dharampal Peehal, Prof.Kranti Mudiraj, Prof.Durgesh Nandini, Prof.Shubhada Vanjape, have headed the Department.