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The Department was started in 1919. Sanskrit was offered as the second language and as an optional subject in intermediate and undergraduate courses. M.A was introduced in 1940 and Ph.D. in 1946.
Sanskrit became popular as the second language and as an optional (classical language) in undergraduate courses. The Department has been conducting research in the areas of Sahitya, Vyakarana, Mimamsa, Yoga, Kosa Shastras as well as in Vedic studies. The Department has published two rare books. It continues to publish its annual research journal started in 1998. So far 55 Ph.D. and 70 M.Phil. Degrees have been awarded.
Scholars of national and international repute like Professor Dhareshwar Shastry, Prof. Harihara Shastry, Prof. Aryendra Sharma, Prof. B.R. Shastri, were associated with the Department. Prof. P. Sri Ramachandrudu, Prof. P.G. Lalye, Prof. Nalini Sadhale and Prof. M. Gopal Reddy contributed to the development of the Department. Prof. P. Sri Ramachandrudu is a scholar of national repute.
Prof. M. Gopal Reddy served as Principal, Arts College, Controller of Examinations and Dean, Students Affairs.
Prof. T. Keshavanarayana also served as Principal, Arts College.