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Additional Administrative Responsibility

Landline no/
Mobile no
Email id
Prof. D. Ravinder
Dept. of Political Science
Vice Chancellor, OU 8331997300, 8331041541 prof.dravinder@gmail.com, draviou@rediffmail.com
Prof. C. Ganesh
Dept. of Sociology
Principal, UCA&SS, OU
Director Civil Services Academy, OU
Director Centre for Disabilities Resources, OU
8331041300, 8331041332 ganesh.socio@gmail.com
Dr.A. Anupama
Dept. of Psychology
Vice-Principal, UCA&SS, OU 8331041301 anupama_a@osmania.ac.in
Prof. R.Limbadhri (FS)
Dept. of Public Administration
Vice-Chairman, Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) 040-23331118 rikkaou@gmail.com
Prof. K. Nageshwar
Dept. of Political Science
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Research Centre
8331041283 knrphd@gmail.com
Prof. K. Narender
Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences,

Prof. C. Murali Krishna
Dept. of English
Dean, Faculty of Arts, UCA&SS, OU 8331041303 cmkrishn17@yahoo.co.in
Dr. K. Balu Naik
Dept. of Linguistics
Vice-Principal (Hostel & Messes) UCA&SS, OU &
Programme Officer, National Service Scheme
9704359006 balunaikou@gmail.com
Prof. T. Krishna Rao (FS)
Dept. of Philosophy
Registrar, Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda 9848396868 thummak.rao@gmail.com
Prof. K.Stevenson
Dept. of Journalism
Director, Department of Publication & Press and Advisor, Public Relations
Human Capital Development Center (HCDC)
Advisor, Public Relations, OU
9533365858 stevenson_kohir@yahoo.com
Dr. C.S. Swathi
Dept. of Linguistics
Convener, Women Empowerment Cell, UCA&SS, OU 9866320892 baythaswathi@yahoo.co.uk
Prof. B. Sudhakar Reddy
Dept.of Economics
Director, ICSSR, Southern Regional Center, OU 8331040954 bsreddy1265@yahoo.co.in
Dr. K. Nageshwara Rao
Dept. of English
Director Ambedkar Study Center, OU 9885295413 knrphd@gmail.com
Prof. M. Ramulu
Dept. of Economics
Controller of Examination, OU 9985370853 amramulu@rediffmail.com
Prof. B. Lavanya
Dept. of History
Convenor, Academic Research Committee, UCA&SS, OU 9849717825 lavanyabenna@rediffmail.com
Prof. G. Anjaiah
Dept. of History
Additional Controller
(MBA), OU &
Coordinator, IQAC, UCA&SS, OU
9652973499 anjaiah.gorla@gmail.com
Prof. J. Savithri
Dept. of English
Dean College Development Council, OU 8500349999 savijandh@yahoo.com
Prof. K. Arjun Rao
Dept. of History
Principal, P.G. College Secunderabad, OU 9849415593 arjunraokuthadi@gmail.com
Dr. K. Susheel Kumar
Dept. of Linguistics
Mess Warden, Old PG 9297307307 kallojisusheelkumar@gmail.com
Dr. Mohd. Ashfaque Chand
Dept. of Persian
General Warden, NRSH 9440878514 ashfaque.chand@gmail.com
Prof. Vidyanand Arya
Dept. of Sanskrit
Mess Warden, "A" New Godavari Hostel 9848632127 aryavidyanand@yahoo.co.in
Dr. D. Dhanraj ©
Dept. of Kannada
General Warden, "A" New Godavari Hostel 9676240962 dhanrajdharamapur@gmail.com
Dr. T. Satish Kumar
Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication
Mess Warden, "C" Kaveri Hostel 9394119233 satishthalladi@gmail.com
Dr. C.S. Swathi
Dept. of Linguistics
Deputy Coordinator, IQAC, UCA&SS, OU & President, Telanaga Audiologists & Speech Pathologists Association(TASLPA) 9866320892 bythaswathi@yahoo.co.uk
Dr. A. Anupama
Dept. of Pschology
Placement Officer 9866550077 anupamapsy2014@gmail.com
Dr. Ch. Venkateshwarlu
Dept. of Political Science
Director, BC Cell, OU 8331997149