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Department Profile

The Department is eminently known in the country for research in diverse fields of philosophy and established in the year 1919. It has been recognised by the UGC as a Department of Special Assistance since 1987. This is one of the oldest Departments in Osmania University. The following are the eminent Scholars who have contributed for the development of the department viz., Prof. Khaleefa Abdul Hakeem, Prof. Mir Walliuddin, Prof. S. Waheeduddin, Prof. V. Madhusudhan Reddy, Prof. Syed Alam Kundmiri, Prof. V. Narayana Karan Reddy and Prof K. Wilson. Out of these scholars Prof. Prof. V. Narayana Karan Reddy, Prof. Mallesh Sankasala served as Principals, University College of Arts & Social Sciences and presently Prof. T. Krishna Rao holding the responsibilities of Head of the Department as well as Principal, UCA&SS which is a prestigious and biggest campus college in the University where the Philosophy Department is also located. In addition to the above, Prof. B.D. Lahoti from the same department has served as Dean, Faculty of Arts, OU.
The thrust areas of research under this programme are -
Philosophy of Science
Logic, Islamic Philosophy especially Sufism.
Moral and Political Philosophy
At present the focus is on Recent Trends in Western and Indian Philosophy, Futurology, Existentialism Post-Modernism and Social Philosophy.
In addition to these, the Department also carries on research in Philosophy of Wittgenstein, Contemporary Western Philosophy, and systems of Indian Philosophy like Nyaya and Buddhism.
Apart from the above, the research work is being carried out on Sri Aurobindo, M.K. Gandhi, J. Krishna Murthi, M.N. Roy and Dr. Mohammed Iqbal who were renowned philosophers of the country. The Department publishes its Annual Research Journal "Indian Journal of Philosophy".